Professional Mortgage Loan Programs

McAllen Home Mortgage boasts of more than 500 happy clients and several mortgage programs that have successfully served the needs of homebuyers in McAllen and Rio Grande Valley, Texas. When you come to our home loan company McAllen TX, we shall pair you up with our experienced mortgage experts who will then guide you in selecting a program that is cut for you. You could be a first time homebuyer or an individual seeking to refinance an existing home, at our company, we work with you closely at each step of the way to ensure you get a home loan program that satisfies you.

We have various loans in McAllen TX we offer our esteemed customers and below is a snapshot of what each has to offer.

Fixer-Upper Program

With the plenty of bargains in purchasing fixer-upper properties, you stand to save thousands of dollars if you purchase homes that have fallen into disrepair, government seizure, been through foreclosure, or those sold non-traditional channels such as auctions. At McAllen Home Mortgage, our professionals will guide you into the appropriate government loans in Edinburg TX and the other areas we operate in, such as HUD 203 (k) which allows qualified buyers to purchase fixer-uppers using FHA guaranteed loans.

Because fixer-upper properties must be repaired, as the borrower, you will be required to submit a list of the repairs to be done and their respective cost estimates together with your application. The good thing is we shall guide you through the process to ensure your FHA loan is approved.

Veteran Administration & Military Loan Program

Whether you are proudly serving in the military or you are a veteran, we can help you to become a homeowner through our veteran administration and military loans in Mission TX. We offer these mortgage loans with up to 100% financing because we believe all our veterans deserve homeownership.

By offering veteran administration mortgage loans, it means we are federally qualified mortgage lenders. These loans are usually guaranteed by the United States Veterans Administration and the same organization determines your eligibility after which it issues you with a certificate to submit to your preferred mortgage lender. From our experience serving military and veterans, veteran administration loans are much easier to qualify for than conventional mortgage loans.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Mortgage Program

Thanks to the USDA mortgage program, homeowners in approved rural areas in McAllen and Rio Grande Valley can buy and improve their homes. Essentially, this program is targeted at enhancing the economy as well as quality of life in some parts of rural America including Texas. As a participating loan mortgage company McAllen TX of this USDA guaranteed mortgage, we can assure you of low interest rates and 100% financing because no down payment is required. To qualify for a USDA-backed mortgage guarantee, your income limits will be assessed based on your location and household size.

Professional Mortgage Planning

If you are a first time homebuyer, you can easily escape the renting lifestyle through professional mortgage planning services. Our mortgage planning process has three defined stages which include the completion of a questionnaire, analysis and research, and lastly implementation of the recommendation.

By filling the questionnaire, you allow us to understand your needs and personal circumstances which then enable us to advise you appropriately.

In the analysis and research stage, we use specialists’ software that reflects the mortgage marketplace. This software enriches our research by showing us the mortgage options open to you.

The last stage, which is the implementation of the recommendation, involves us making arrangements and handling the entire mortgage application process for you or allows you to apply directly to the mortgage lender yourself.

Mortgage Options for Vacation Homes

As you plan to buy a second home or vacation home, we are more than pleased and ready to help you through each stage of the process. Vacation homes not only give you a serene environment where you can relax with your family, but as the best mortgage lender, we know for sure that it also gives you rental opportunities, tax benefits, property appreciation, and ongoing income and cash flow.

At McAllen Home Mortgage, we shall support you with the necessary mortgage options whether you are buying a town home, a condominium or a single-family home. For instance, if you are buying a home that will require renovation, we have a mortgage option that allows you to buy and repair.

Land Loans

Texas ranchers and farmers bear the great American tradition which involves working the land and feeding the world. These farmers devote their time to their craft from dawn to dusk. We are one of the few loan companies in McAllen TX that share in that passion and are willing to invest in farmers and ranchers by offering them customized financing for land purchases. We shall a common heritage with you and we shall refinance your current operation whether it is part time or full time, farmer or rancher, big or small.

Bad Credit Solutions

If you have poor credit, getting a loan from the best mortgage companies can be quite a challenge unless you improve your score. As part of our bad credit solutions, we pair you up with a credible credit restoration company which undertakes to professionally analyze your credit information with a view to boost your score. In this way, you can successfully purchase a house within a period as short as 3 to 6 months.

Empty Nesters Mortgage Options

Your kids will at one time leave home and by extension leave you with an empty nest full of unused spaces. The best choice you have at this point is to downsize. As the best home lender in McAllen, Edinburg, Mission and Rio Grande Valley, we have several mortgage options that can help you transit from the empty nest to a manageable space without you feeling a sense of loss.

Our professionals will show you how to put your home equity to work so that you do not dip into your valuable cash reserves to finance your property purchase.

Move Up Mortgage Loan Plans

If you own a small property and now you want to move to a larger house, you do not need to bang your head against the wall trying to think of how you will make it. We have several options including equity loans and mortgage guarantees for those with good credit. Our trusted advisors will explain to you how each of the mortgage options we have work and how you can benefit from them.

With over 11 years of experience in this industry, we are among the top loan companies in Mission TX you can trust with your mortgage needs. The hundreds of customers we have served have been our word of mouth ambassadors bringing in lots of referrals. You too can join them as you give us the privilege to take the work of home purchase off your hands.